Touch glucose monitoring

The new standard will be non-invasive

Welcome to touch glucose monitoring (TGM)

The willingness to use a health tool is the key to improving health. Consumers want health tools that are noninvasive, unintrusive, benign, and even gentle. 

Obesity, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, and related comorbidities claim precious lives far too often. Many people with these conditions have challenges which cause both extreme personal and monetary distress. Personal impact is considerable for those living with these conditions. Financial impact amounts to about $2.0 trillion globally1. Many of these burdens can be avoided with tools that users themselves accept. 

With that in mind, we developed a light-based, non-invasive touch glucose monitoring technology to help those who do not have diabetes, but who can benefit from knowing their glucose levels. TGM is a giant technology step and a giant leap forward for people everywhere.

1. McKinsey Global Institute, Overcoming Obesity: An Initial Economic Analysis, 2014

TGM: designed to be simple and blood-free

Touch glucose monitoring is built on RSP Systems’ deep expertise in an optical technology called Raman spectroscopy. Our patented process uses a specialized optical system and advanced data algorithms. The result is an exciting potential for non-invasive measurement of blood glucose, without a blood sample or puncture of the skin.

Measurement is on-demand. We envision a new way that people can benefit
from this technology; a user would simply place their hand on the reader and a glucose measurement would be displayed.

TGM is a touch-based solution for people without diabetes who want an appealing way to monitor their glucose and their health, but are dissatisfied with current options.

No fingerpricks,
no blood


Touch glucose monitoring provides glucose readings without fingerpricks or drawing blood.

This is a long-awaited relief, as drawing blood via fingersticks is feared by many.1

TGM requires only the touch of your hand. No disposable blood test strips are ever needed.

1. Anxiety associated with self monitoring of capillary blood glucose, Br J Diabetes Vasc Dis 2014;14:60-63

No punctures,
no intrusion


TGM is non-invasive; it does not use needles and never punctures your skin.

Touch glucose monitoring also avoids intrusion in aspects of life that may be important to you. 

Readings on demand,
right on your hand


TGM gives glucose readings on your own terms; only when you want them.

Too much information, too many alarms or too many reminders can be overwhelming and frazzle anyone. 

With this in mind, we created TGM to be a calm, kind, on-demand way to monitor your health.

You have a choice

You can choose to start seeing what happens to your blood sugars with different foods and activities, even if you’ve hesitated in the past. If you choose GlucoBeam technology, you also can choose a color. 

How GlucoBeam Technology works

This all-in-one technology system combines Raman spectroscopy and RSP-proprietary Critical Depth technologies to create touch glucose monitoring

User touches the screen with base of thumb
and a beam of light shines on the skin

Light scattered from the skin is collected and processed using artificial intelligence (AI)

Glucose measurement is displayed within a minute

Watch GlucoBeam in action

Truly non-invasive glucose measurement technology is a long awaited breakthrough. Given the newness of this capability, the video can help investors, digital health partners and technology partners visualize how the technology might be used by a person in her daily life. In our example scenario the TGM technology is designed into a portable form factor.
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TGM technology family

RSP Systems’ GlucoBeam is the first of a family of non-invasive touch glucose monitoring technology systems planned. We expect that each iteration can be used to address the needs of different market segments. Our development programs has the potential to integrate the technology in future portable and miniaturized wearable form factors, which can be customized for each partner’s unique needs.

Experienced team

We combine our deep expertise in science, technology, health and user experience for the benefit of people everywhere.


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