Solving a global health crisis through digital health

Hundreds of millions have elevated glucose and are unknowingly damaging their bodies. It leads to debilitating and expensive conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, limb amputations, and blindness.

This must change, now!

It is time for a new approach towards preventive healthcare.

It is time for Smart Glucose Monitoring™

We envision a better world for millions

Everyone deserves a life without worries, with limitless possibilities and a healthy body. Today’s invasive measurement tools are outdated and obtrusive, which causes millions of people to not measure their glucose, due to pain and fear of blood.

Welcome to
the next generation of glucose monitoring

Easy, painless glucose measurement means improved access to vital health information for billions of people worldwide.

Creating a better world

Our approach enables people to live better, fuller, healthier, more creative lives — and gives them more time to enjoy the people and activities they love.