Rapid Advancements in Technology Miniaturization


As pioneers within our field, we have successfully demonstrated the ability to monitorcompletely non-invasively – and track glucose levels over an extended period of time 1,2.

This breakthrough has not only expanded our knowledge but also enabled us to refine our technology, resulting in the miniaturisation of the individual components. We are now bringing our non-invasive glucose monitoring technonlogy into a wearable wrist-worn form factor.

Among recent technological advancements, we take much pride in the development, craftsmanship, and testing of our first prototypes built upon our proprietary probing principle and collaboration with Trumpf Photonics3, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality VCSELs. Through the application of this principle, we have demonstrated the ability to generate and collect a high quality, high throughput Raman signal in an extremely miniaturised form factor – an accomplishment widely recognised amongst professionals as extremely difficult to attain.

Building on this significant achievement, we are collaborating with Ibsen Photonics4, a globally renowned leader in developing spectrometer modules. Together, we aim to craft a miniaturized spectrometer tailored for our miniaturized device.

Over the first half of 2024 we will integrate our proprietary probe system and our new mini-spectrometer co-developed with Ibsen Photonics, into a wearable form-factor, paving the way for our first full-system-tests scheduled in the summer of 2024.

We are very excited to be showcasing these advancements at this year’s annual international conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), in Florence, from March 6th to 9th.

RSP Systems stays committed to revolutionizing the world of non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies.



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[2] Pors, Anders, et al. “Accurate Post-Calibration Predictions for Noninvasive Glucose Measurements in People Using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy.” ACS sensors 8.3 (2023): 1272-1279.

[3] Trumpf GmbH

[4] Ibsen Photonics