User acceptance is the new benchmark

RSP Systems’ patented technology is light years ahead in meeting real needs 

Our goal is to make glucose monitoring so unintrusive that it sets a new standard of care

We strive to change health measurement through glucose measurement, for all people who can benefit from understanding their glucose levels.

Our company values

Customers at the top

We seek out the voices of our users, and listen closely to what people say. Your needs, preferences, experiences, minimums, absolutes and wishes then become an integral part of our technology system and our company

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There are no small parts

Each person on our team was carefully chosen for their specific expertise and skill set. We celebrate the variety of personalities and backgrounds that are connected to these skill sets and acknowledge the essential role played by each

Commitment to quality

For us, quality is not just about creating a technology system that works from a technical standpoint, but is also creating one that users feel has been rigorously tested in clinical studies, and is produced with deep consideration for its usability and functionality

Emphasis on knowledge sharing

We believe in the importance of providing thorough information about our development and are prepared at all times, to clearly articulate the science and technology behind our system