The first company bringing Raman spectroscopy to the consumer market

A novel system design based on more than 10 years of extensive work. Several iterations, proven by clinical studies, have led to a ground-breaking, non-invasive glucose monitoring system.

Harnessing the power of Raman Spectroscopy

Our advanced technology uses Raman Spectroscopy to measure glucose in the interstitial fluid without a blood sample.

We achieve this by shining a laser at the molecules, including glucose, in the interstitial fluid, and measuring the frequency change of the returning light.

Patented measuring technology

RSP Systems holds several patents. Among these, our patented Critical Depth technology enables us to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, thereby enabling our state-of-the-art accuracy for glucose measurement.

Precise depth measurements and AI

Our advanced AI algorithm, constantly improved through 19 clinical studies with a total of over 700 participants, pin-points glucose data in our measurements, enabling our state-of-the-art Smart Glucose Monitoring system.

On a road to worldwide access to important health information

The development of GlucoBeam™ has provided us with ample knowledge and resources to advance our technology further. This means we can offer our technology to people worldwide, giving them  important insight into their health status. We are on a journey to miniaturizing, improving the accuracy, and reducing costs to provide information about health vitals to more users.