Explore Our Latest Innovation at ATTD 2024


From 6-9 March this year, RSP Systems will be participating in the 17th annual International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) in Florence, Italy. Our adept team present at this important event will include Anders Weber (CEO), Stine Dahl (CFO/COO), Kaspar Rasmussen (Senior Data Science Specialist) and Markus Rasmussen (Machine Learning Specialist).

You will be able to find RSP Systems in tech fair booth no. 57, where we will be showcasing our proprietary non-invasive glucose monitoring technology, and be ready to engage in interesting discussions about RSP Systems’ role in the future of diabetes management. We also welcome you to attend our technology fair presentation on 7 March at 16.10 – 16.20 in the Product Theatre Area at the exhibition or online.

Come and visit us in tech fair booth no. 57 and be among the very first to learn more about our fast progress and development of our extremely miniaturized technology and its wearable wrist-worn form factor, designed to revolutionize the future of diabetes management.

Together with the entire industry, we are committed to improving the lives of those living with diabetes and those at risk.

We look forward to engaging in interesting discussions and creating meaningful connections at this significant event!