A Strong Partnership Announcement – Trumpf Photonics


RSP Systems is proud to announce that we have entered the new year with a strong partnership with Trumpf Photonics.

Since the introduction of CGM more than 20 years ago, people with diabetes have searched for a more convenient solution to manage their disease. At RSP Systems, we are developing the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitor. We have recently entered into a collaboration with a global leader within the field of VCSEL laser technology, Trumpf Photonics, in order to further miniaturize our technology, ultimately into a wearable form factor.

Together, we are effectively working towards integrating our highly advanced non-invasive glucose monitoring technology with customized VCSEL lasers from Trumpf Photonics, and packaging this into a wearable. Trumpf Photonics’ expert knowledge on VCSEL lasers and their impressive miniaturizing laser technology, combined with RSP Systems’ knowledge within the field of non-invasive glucose monitoring, builds a solid foundation for a strong and meaningful collaboration for the future benefit of people with diabetes, worldwide.

The collaboration between RSP Systems and Trumpf Photonics is an idea fit that will lead to the first-ever clinically relevant wearable non-invasive glucose sensor – brining us one step closer to solving the impeding global health crisis.

You can read the press release here.