Welcome Christian – AI Enables Non-Invasive Glucose Detection


Recently, our data science team has been further reinforced by a new team member, Christian Lorenzen who is a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern Denmark. Christian is a strong scientific addition to our data science team. A team that consists of five dedicated scientists with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, and photonics from the Universities in Denmark.

Through more than a decade, RSP has been dedicated to demonstrating that Raman Spectroscopy will enable non-invasive glucose measuring. By applying our patented optical system, and measuring at a certain critical depth in the skin, we use artificial intelligence to obtain glucose values at a very high precision – completely non-invasively.

With more than 700,000 data points from 19 clinical studies in various countries, including various demographic patient groups, we are leading the field and are in the midst of demonstrating the robustness and precision of our technology in a publication that will soon be launched.

Read more about our technology here.