RSP Secures EUR 5 million Series C, tranche 2 funding to advance its TGM technology


RSP raises EUR 5 million in its second closing of Series C and completes a Series C fundraise of EUR 11.5 million accelerating its development plans toward non-invasive glucose measurement. RSP has now raised more than EUR 37.5 million in equity funding from European-based investors, the EU research and development Innovation funding program Horizon 2020, and private equity. This additional funding will enable RSP to further improve accuracy and expedite the miniaturization of its technology.

Raising Series C, tranche 2 within our own strong investor base proves great confidence in our project and will enable RSP to achieve its goal of bringing non-invasive glucose monitoring to people with diabetes.

Anders Weber, RSP Chief Executive Officer, says: “We know that our technology is unique, and we recently have proven its ability to measure glucose completely non-invasively, simply by touch in a clinical study with a heterogeneous group of 160 persons in home-settings.”

Stine Dahl, RSP Chief Operating Officer, comments: “The need for a non-invasive glucose monitoring system is more important than ever to break what OECD refers to as ‘the diabetes epidemic’. We know that a key to prevention is awareness, and awareness comes from access to vital health information – glucose”.

RSPs Series C round follows its most recent clinical study that demonstrated state-of-the-art accuracy for our non-invasive device using 160 devices in as many patients in home settings. This not only constitutes a breakthrough in non-invasive technology – it also proves that our device can be safely used in a diverse population.

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