RSP Raises US$35 Million With First Tranche of Series C

A total of US$35 million has been raised by RSP Systems based on progress in developing and commercializing its non-invasive Touch Glucose Monitoring™ technology. The company is now in a Series C round of funding, which will support final technology development and preparation for our upcoming pivotal trial anticipated in 2022. The current round is expected to close during the Spring of 2022.

The market potential for a convenient and acceptable way to monitor glucose is enormous, as it includes segments that have not been previously addressed. People with obesity or prediabetes who would like to know how different foods and activity affect their glucose levels have few appealing options. Non-invasive monitoring is at the forefront of the consumer acceptance and experience needed to make widespread impact.

“RSP is looking ahead toward our goal of setting a new glucose monitoring standard with Touch Glucose Monitoring (TGM™). Our TGM technology uses a simple touch of the hand, is both non-intrusive and non-invasive, and is the first means of monitoring glucose which can gain full acceptance from the vast majority of people who would benefit from knowing their glucose level”

Anders Weber, CEO of RSP Systems

RSP’s GlucoBeam uses a beam of light designed to measure glucose levels without the pain from fingertip blood draws. It is the result of over 13 years of research refinement and clinical development by RSP’s world-class engineers and specialists, who have adapted well-respected Raman spectroscopy technology for daily use in a consumer technology.

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