RSP Systems’ first article published


Non-invasive monitoring of glucose successfully demonstrated in home-use

We are happy to announce that our first article, entitled ‘Critical-depth Raman spectroscopy enables home-use in non-invasive glucose monitoring’ has been published in the online journal Plos One.

The article, written in collaboration with acknowledged leaders within the field of diabetes, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Hepp and Dr. Jan E. Henriksen, reports on the development of a Raman spectrometer that was used in the home of diabetic patients to test glucose levels non-invasively. What makes this spectrometer unique is the use of a new critical-depth Raman method discovered and patented by RSP Systems, which defines a specific depth beneath the skin, where glucose can be measured. This study, the first of its kind conducted in a home environment, has demonstrated accuracy at levels comparable to continuous glucose monitors (CGM) currently on the market.

This study also highlighted the ability of this technology to uphold a stable calibration for at least 10 days, while studies beyond the scope of this article, indicate a stable calibration for even longer periods.

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PLOS ONE is the world’s first multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed Open Access journal, published by PLOS, a nonprofit publisher, innovator, and advocacy organisation founded in 2001.

About our collaborators

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Hepp is a leading endocrinologist and diabetologist. He was the head of the Dept. of Medicine and Diabetes Unit at the Academic Hospital Munchen-Bogenhausen from 1984-2001. Thereafter, he established a private practice for diabetology and endocrinology, which he ran until early 2017.  Prof. Dr. Dietrich Hepp’s work with diabetes extends over four decades and has been an advisor with RSP Systems since 2009.

Dr. Jan E. Henriksen is a leading diabetologist who has recently been appointed the director position at the new Steno Diabetes Center Odense, after holding the position as Chief Physician in the department head of endocrinology at Odense University Hospital, Denmark. Dr. Henriksen has been RSP’s main clinical investigator since 2009.