RSP Systems big move


We have just moved to our own building!

A short kilometer away from our previous shared building, we have literally been up to our heads in moving boxes this last week.

The time has come for us to spread our arms and legs

Growing from a company of 12 to 24 within a period of 15 months has been exciting despite having our office space decrease gradually over that time as more desks and computers got packed into what we once thought was a large space.

Now, we have transitioned into our own building where there is a large workshop for our optical and electronic equipment, various meeting rooms, our own cafeteria, private offices for management, and most importantly, space to grow!

The next task in this transitioning phase will be decorating our new space with furniture, art, coat hangers, chairs and all the other essential elements that you don’t realize are important until they are missing. Luckily, we have Signe who has been managing this big move, to take on this daunting task!

Although Signe is our Data Analysis Manager, she also doubles as the party planner, administrator, and big move organizer. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her commitment, attention to detail, and patience with all the inevitable questions that arise. Signe, we thank you. You are amazing!