Horizon 2020


RSP Systems awarded funding to continue the research and development of the first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device.

This highly competitive grant of €2.4 million was awarded to RSP Systems, to assist in the continued development of our non-invasive bgm device.

This grant is funded under the Horizon 2020 SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) instrument, phase 2 by the EU. It lists under project number 738973.  The project runs from March 2017 through to August 2019.

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SME Instrument

The SME instrument is a financial flagship initiative funding innovative and potential SME projects. Thereby it globally promotes the competitiveness of the European Union. The initiative holds promise for innovations, inventions and pioneering discoveries. By grant receival from H2020, RSP Systems can dedicate and unify multidisciplinary expertise’s in the development of the GlucoBeam device. Launching a truly non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device on the market, will radically influence daily diabetes management strategies. Affecting millions of people worldwide, it will eventually impose a major positive impact on screening methodologies and healthcare expenses.

In order to deliver necessary cardinal results, our project is organized into several specific activities which include optical technology, software development, clinical validation, marketing and dissemination, as well as project management. RSP Systems will continuously strive to deliver state of the art technology and cutting edge performance with a clear objective of delivering our device to the market.

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