Chenyang Xu At the Edge of Innovation

Global health tech leader Chenyang Xu joins RSP Systems, a fast-moving company at the nexus of digital, consumer, and health information transformation. 

As Chief Business Officer for North America and the Asia Pacific, Chenyang will lead RSP Systems’ introduction of a new category of experience-based, non-invasive monitoring of glucose and other metrics. RSP Systems will leverage Chenyang’s expertise in the venture and corporate partnerships, new medical technologies, and strategic insight to reach new frontiers in the connected digital health ecosystems.

Diabetes is a growing challenge for society, individuals and payors – costs alone amount to US$1.2 trillion p.a. globally and is fastly growing . There is tremendous potential to develop new solutions for the large group of prediabetics, at-risk individuals, and health-aware consumers who have no desirable means today to navigate and understand their state of health. RSP Systems’ vision is to transform health through non-invasive health measurement that is universally accessible and accepted by consumers and put them in the driver’s seat of digital health.

Chenyang Xu joins RSP Systems at a pivotal point of acceleration and commercialization.  His technology venture leadership and past experience in CTO and GM roles at Siemens will be a huge asset for the upcoming phase of growth.


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