Welcome new employees

More busy months at RSP Systems! We have increased our team this summer.

The latest additions in the RSP-team are Amira, Kaspar, Trine, and Steffen.

We are always very happy to welcome new competent colleagues and this time is no exception. New employees at RSP Systems means not only more hands, but also new ideas, creative input, and perspectives to better enable us to achieve our goal of developing a non-invasive glucose monitor for people with diabetes.

What are the new employees working with?

Amira is our new cleaning assistant, keeping our office building clean and tidy, so it always shines, impressing both employees and guests.

Kaspar is our new Data Analyst, improving algorithms in order to achieve a higher degree of data quality in order to make the GlucoBeam faster and safer to use.

Trine is our new Execute Assistant making our organisation run smoothly by providing high-level administrative support. It is also her kind voice you will hear when calling us. 

Steffen is our new low-level Software Engineer developing firmware codes to ensure that the operating system in the GlucoBeam performs without a glitch. 

Read more about the new employees and our other team members.


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